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PostSubject: Rules   Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:02 pm

We thank you for joining the forums, but there is some rules you might need to know before posting.

1. There will be no offensive language allowed on the site.
2. There will be no racial slang, term, etc. allowed on the site.
3. There will be no arguing on the site.
4. There will be no spamming, flooding, or advertising in the forums.

If you violate one of these rules you will be warned the first time, if you violate these rules a second time you will be banned for 30 days, if you violate these rules a third time you will be blocked from the forums for good.
1. If your topic has not had a reply within 30 days it will be moved to the trash section, and after 60 days in the trash it will be permanently removed.
2. Before posting a topic please make sure there is not a similar topic with your question/comment.

^^These Rules^^^^
Help with the management of the forums and make the site moderators job easier.

Please remember this site might have children on it, these rules are not here to be mean. I know we work in the Fire Service, where foul language is a second nature, but this is the public...


Site Administration
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